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VAT ‘tracks’ your journey.

'Take photos of this one Formula Vee with your unique style and hope it goes according to plan', was the intention back in May 2017.

It started with one girl whose last name is Vattovaz.  She placed a sticker on a Formula Vee.  Her goal was to create a business that focuses on ‘tracking’ the personal journeys of individuals in their desired sports, (hence, VAT to the TRACK).


One soon turned into four... then into a team of ten. VATtrack gathers experienced and qualified freelance photographers, videographers, editors and media industry professionals. It gives them an opportunity to work in an action-packed environment.

Our aim is to make your memories into artistic creations.  As a modern business, we are best described as a freelance service specialising in motorsport/sports photography, film-making and media management. We provide printing and creative services. Portals for other businesses seeking to promote their services are established and monitored via VATtrack. As much as we love sport, we also specialise in other events and are open to collaboration.

Australia, New Zealand, China...our camera lenses have surely been on quite a journey, capturing everything from emotion, drama, courage, sportsmanship and most of all, passion. Our sticker is on trailers, helmets, inside vehicles, and on family cars.

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