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*Please note that if  a production says 'Unavailable' below that description  you can access the content by clicking 'Video on Facebook" Link below. Transition to sharing full media projects on Youtube coming soon.

All Triumph Challenge 2023 Docmentary

Miranda, You and your Vattrack Team absolutely have done a wonderful job showcasing an event that frankly is one of the premier events of our calendar year. How you were able to merge drivers and their cars driving too fast enjoying themselves and the very serious health issue of Diabetes is a testamont of your skills . Well done and Vattrack Media should be very proud of their efforts. Thanks again on a personal level Kippy

Excel Racing Australia 

Content 2018

Team VATtrack are equipped to share your story. 
Their insight to showcase your passion can take you to another level. Great productions and editing to highlight your journey. Jump on board.
Danny Clemente

2 Litre Sport Sedans Club

Just because it's cool.

The first Phillip Island Auto Racing Club (PIARC) Access event we attended.

We enlisted VATtrack Media to capture the event and they did the best job.

"It's Sports Sedans to Us!"

Great cars, great people and a great weekend.

Hanging for the next instalment!

Simon Hales
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