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'Tracking Your Journey' 2018/ 2019 Review and Progression

"2018 was an absolute ripper"

2017 : The year of Introduction

2018 : The year of Progression

2019 : The year of Acceleration perhaps?

VATtrack is celebrating two years of capturing journeys for motorsport media, in May 2019.

With 2019 motorsport now in session, let us now reflect on the year 2018.

VATtrack Media 2018

Sandown (VSCRC Round One) : 2 / 3 / 18 - 4 / 3 / 18

Clients : MG Racing Australia

Excel Racing Australia

Excel Racing Australia Round One - Highlight Video

MG Sandown Highlights

Sandown was a stellar start to the year with VATtrack videography work featuring the Excels and MGs as clients.

MGs provided an entertaining on-track video documenting their final race and results of the weekend. For Excel Racing Australia, it was VATtrack's introduction to what would become a successful partnership.

VATtrack was joined at VSCRC Round 1 by members of the original team and also introduced a few new faces.

Jonathan Soo Ho Renyi, a freelance photographer and videographer. Jonathan is a star in his profession, having worked at events around Victoria prior to his debut at this event. Jon is Head of Photography at VATtrack Media and oversees all your snaps.

Stephen Crowden also jumped on board as a volunteer photographer. He has been a great asset to VATtrack due to his experience. Stephen bears the brunt out on track to capture all those magical photos. We look forward to working alongside Stephen in the VATtrack team in 2019.

Introducing photographer 'Jonathan Soo Ho Renyi '(middle) to our group . Left : Sheridan Horne (Assistant Creative Director) , Dean Musumeci (Videographer) , Jonathan ( Head of Photography) , Liam Pa'apa'a (Creative Director) and Miranda Vattovaz (Managing Director)

Not featured in this picture were Dhiren Adatia, Stephen Crowden and Hans Brunswick.

Data Wrangling Session . Making sure all that media is backed up .

"At the beginning of the year, VATtrack was still focusing on the old media style that it adapted in 2017. Our style has always been a little edgy and unique in its cinematic approach. We continued to experiment and evolve with a variety of equipment, techniques and collaborative approaches under VATtrack's one vision. This was the last shoot that incorporated our old methods of media editing and story telling. Everything up to this point in time had been on trial and was evaluated repeatedly, to create and ultimately offer the best possible products to clients and audiences.

"When I started VATtrack, I always had a vision in mind. It really wasn't until Jon and Liam were able to channel my vision with their creative narratives and individual styles both in photography and videography that I was seeing my vision come alive." (Managing Director and Owner: Miranda Vattovaz) .

Winton (AMRS Round 1) : 10 / 3 / 18 - 11 / 3 /18

Client : Josh Behn Racing

Round One : Josh Behn Documentary

A week after VSCRC , VATtrack made a trip to Winton to follow it's next client, Josh Behn competing in the 2018 AMRS Round 1 Championships in Formula Ford.

This was VATtrack's first documentary. It was the springboard and inspiration for the work to follow.

Liam, Sheridan and Miranda with Josh Behn

"We finally were able to do what we were longing to do... video a story that was personal to someone."

This was to be Miranda's final round behind a camera after beginning the business on her own.

"When it comes to filming, my team is ultimately the ideal genesis. Now I can step back into the producing role I always enjoyed. I have complete confidence in my team".

Liam (Creative Director) would also commence in an editing role in VATtrack's labs after this shoot, being in charge for more than just videography work.

"We are very grateful to work with such a talented filmmaker as Liam. He is usually a solo artist, so to be pairing up with him is truly a privilege"

Phillip Island (VSCRC Round 2) : 4 / 5 / 18 - 7 / 5 / 18

Clients : Excel Racing Australia

Wayne Milburn

Excel Racing Australia : Michael Clemente | Rising Star Documentary

Wayne Milburn Car Reveal

Round 2 was revolutionary for VATtrack.

Our documentary on Excel Driver Michael Clemente took our style to new heights.

"It has been a pleasure being able to work with ERA and Michael Clemente over 2018. It's exciting to see such a young face achieve so much"

Wayne Milburn ( ERA) also was presented with his own car reveal. Having worked with Karl and and Wayne previously, we were more than thrilled to see his new livery. GO TEAM, U RACE IT MOTORSPORT.

VATtrack also met David Brown (Brown Davis) who guest starred in our production.

New team roles were handed out this weekend with VATtrack's videographer, Sheridan Horne stepping up as VATtrack

Assistant Creative Director.

"Congratulations Sheridan on all you effort and hardwork . You have been there since the first shoot and we look forward to growing with you in our company. You embrace every condition and predicament we throw at you and you always shine with true essence and grace."

VATtrack worked tirelessly this weekend on thirteen- hour days to make sure every angle was covered. The crazy weather definitely added to the experience.

Winton (VSCRC Round 3) : 15 / 6 / 18 - 17 / 6/ 18

Client : Excel Racing Australia

The cinematic approach was grey, moody and stormy . Although we cannot presently reveal what we worked on at Winton, we can confirm it was a very action-packed weekend.

Working closely with ERA, we crafted some of our best cinematography yet.

"We continue to thank Dave, Danny and the ERA team for all their support over the last two years. ERA has really set up a community for drivers both young and of mature age. Off track, they work with a number of young drivers to develop successful sponsorship proposals, improve their media skills and social media statistics. On track, they can ensure drivers are able to maximise their experience behind the wheel, and have found a combination of video and data analysis to dramatically improve lap times and help the driver develop improved feedback.

They are like family to us and we couldn't be happier with the partnership".

Phillip Island ( 2litre Sport Sedans) : 23 / 6 / 18 - 24 / 6 / 18

Client : 2Litre Sport Sedans

2Litre Sport Sedans Category Promotional Video

One week after Winton, we made a trip to the Island for the 2Litre Sport Sedans. Here we filmed a club promotional video for them under the 'united team' theme.

"They were all a bunch of really welcoming guys, giving us the freedom to make the video as creative as possible. The club is so positive and really looks after all its members. It would be wonderful to work with the 2Litre Sport Sedans in future. Chris and Simon... we hope we made you proud."

Jonathan nailed the photography by matching the sky as it was radiating some fancy colours.

VATtrack also added two new freelance cinematographers to complement the team, Nick Topakas and Stephen Hunter. Both run their own media companies.

Sydney MotorSport Park ( Formula 4 Practise ) : 26 / 6 / 18

Client : Josh Behn

Josh Behn joined VATtrack as one of our proud partners. We were fortunate to attend one of his practice sessions with AGI Motorsport.

VATtrack photography highlighted the day for Josh's social media. Josh placed in the top 5 overall with his times. Well done on the accomplishment!

Sydney MotorSport Park ( Lexus Drive Day): 10 / 7 / 18

In July, Josh Behn and VATtrack attended a track day set up by Lexus Australia at Sydney Motorsport Park.

There were hot laps and Alan Jones showing everyone how it was done in the LFA. A lovely lunch and a show bag of goodies added to a fantastic day.

Thank you Lexus!

Melbourne ( BTS ERA ) : 15 / 7 / 18

Client : Excel Racing Australia

We enjoyed the day filming some little snippets for our future work with Excel Racing Australia. A great barbeque too!

Sandown (VSCRC Round 4) : 20 / 7 / 18 - 22 / 7 / 18

Client : Conor Nicholson

Excel Racing Australia

Conor Nicholson Documentary


Formula Ford driver Conor Nicholson was one of the first drivers to embrace our signature stickers. VATtrack has worked with Conor since 2017. Conor is such a talented and genuine upcoming be able to work with him and produce professional footage for him was something we wanted to do from day one. Personally, we would like to thank Scott Nicholson. From the moment VATtrack started, he helped us in any way possible. Thank you for giving and helping us with this opportunity to film Conor (we still have your HDMI cable haha).

Our first ever work experience student Zac joined us, thanks to an introduction from our group member Alex ( the man who has all the gear).

Excel Racing Australia received a big group picture to celebrate the weekend. Unfortunately this was the final time Jaylan Robotham raced with the squad. We are so star struck to have worked with Jay and continue to wish him well in his future endeavours.

"The best part is watching the reactions of the clients when you show them the work. They say... 'Do I really look like that?' or 'That looks amazing!' "

Mallala ( Ryan Pannowich Memorial ) 3 / 8 / 18 - 5 / 8 / 18

Client : Excel Racing Australia and Circuit SA Excels

Ryan Pannowich Memorial

The VATtrack crew headed interstate for its first major shoot in Adelaide.

One of our most emotional and rewarding projects was the Ryan Pannowitch Memorial Trophy.

"This meant something to a club and reduced a few to tears. It was heartwarming seeing how much Ryan meant to Circuit Excel WA. The emotional connection behind this documentary was astounding. We really wanted to do Ryan justice and walking away from this event we felt as if he was a mate. This was a promotional video and documentary all in the one. It disclosed just why Circuit Excel Racing is a must on all levels and the true meaning of sportsmanship.

Liam behind the camera yet again

We would like to express our gratitude to Circuit SA and the Pannowitch family for your contribution to the doco. We hope to work interstate with Excels again and to produce a variety of videos .

Thank you to Nathan, Asher, Dave and Danny for bringing us down there and looking after us.

Phillip Island ( Excel Nationals) 28 / 9 / 18 - 30 / 8 / 18

Client : Excels and Excel Racing Australia

Daily Highlight Video 1 (2 and 3 can we found on the Facebook page)

Full Race Video

2018 Phillip Island Excel Nationals Wrap Video

Michael Clemente Weekend Highlights

VATtrack was on every banner, car and even had its own reward and garage. The 2018 Excel Nationals was our biggest event yet.

"Knowing we were category media we needed to round up the best team possible for both videography and photography purposes".

Stationed in the "VATcave", VATtrack has its own presentation TV, live photo editing bay and a bunch of available packages for the weekend at discount prices. Josh Behn joined the team to host the weekend and we ate lots of cookies along the way.

"For a rising business, VATtrack provided a stable service for the Excels over the weekend. Upset that we never got to reach the budget to be able to do our first signature live broadcast, we did substitute with many highlight videos and material. The team worked so well and for a small business, there was so much synergy to get to this point".

VATtrack would love to thank everyone who ran a sticker and gave us encouragement for the weekend. Thank you to all the sponsors that came on board and supported us (pictured above), as well as Dave for putting it all together.

Zhuhai ( Formula Renault Testing ) 19 / 10 / 18

Client : Josh Behn

Josh Behn Zhuhai Teaser

We ended the year in China, filming a highlight video for Josh Behn over his test day with Black Arts Racing in Formula Renault. Josh blew the international crowd away with his competitive lap times. The stark difference with tracks overseas to the ones in Australia were interesting to capture.

Excel Racing Australia ( Promotional Video) 2019

Client : Excel Racing Australia

Our latest video for ERA!

VATtrack Media Showreel 2019

2019 is officially here.

VATtrack has already had its first major shoot for the year with the next being in two weeks time.

"It is about capturing stories as artistic pieces."

Major thank you to everyone that got us on board and filming their ventures,the sponsors who made it possible and to everyone that has shouted us out on social media or continues to run our sticker. We are thankful.

A new year means fresh content. What will that be? Well, we are just as excited to find out.

(Miranda Vattovaz , Managing Director)

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