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Road to the Nationals | Media Itinerary, Josh Behn Hosting and Updated Bundles

VATtrack is ready for full media madness at the Excel Nationals and VSCRC Round 5 this weekend. September marks a year since VATtrack first started working for categories at the Victorian State Series events.

Some of the faces of VATtrack Media (August 2018)

Three months ago, VATtrack was contacted by David Burn to do Excel category media. After months of planning, VATtrack has a few media ideas up its sleeve to benefit everyone.

"We are looking forward to advertising Excels from all over Australia at the Nationals. It's a pity, for we were looking forward to bringing everyone our first ever live feature broadcast service. We still crafted some creative ideas to help promote the category and also individual drivers". (Miranda: VATtrack Managing Director)

VATtrack will attend Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here is a look at what will be distributed every day.

Friday: Daily Excel Highlight Video, Photography and Videography services for customers.

Saturday: Mini Live Facebook Broadcasts, Daily Excel Highlight Video, Photography and Videography services for customers.

Sunday: Mini Live Facebook Broadcasts, Daily Excel Highlight Video , Final Race Video, Photography and Videography services for customers.

For the first time ever, VATtrack has its own garage 'VATcave'. Come to see the team in action! In the VATcave will be all the exclusive bundle information for those seeking extra media during and post events. VATtrack will also be promoting its creative printing services. A super lucky dip for the Excels is to be held during the weekend. The winner will receive a free A3 printed image of choice.

VATtrack welcomes Josh Behn to the team. An aspiring racing car driver from Dubbo, NSW Australia, Josh is currently a freelance driver with great experience in Formula Ford, Formula 4 and Formula 3; along with sedans, Lexus and BMW.  Josh will host the Excel daily highlight video and live steams throughout the weekend.

"What I love about this, is the ability in future, for drivers stepping into hosting roles to have a chance in front of the camera". (Josh Behn)

 We met Josh at the first round of the Australian Formula Ford series, following his journey with a 'new car' at a 'new circuit' in a 'new championship'.  From hereon, VATtrack has continued to work with Josh on and off track, from practice days to corporate meetings. VATtrack welcomes him as a part of our team and it is a privilege to follow Josh's journey in the motorsport world.

Josh Behn (March 2018)

Miranda: "We have grown so much. This time last year we worked for the Excels, 944s and Saloon Cars with mini category videos. A year later, we are the offical media team for a category and are known by a larger audience. VATtrack can provide better services, equipment, a specialised crew and a new level of technology. As we countinue to evolve, this is just the start of greater things to come next".

VATtrack Media would like to thank everyone for making this possible.

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