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The Road to the Excel Nationals

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

VATtrack Media is gearing up and ready for the Excel Nationals on the 28th-30th of September at Phillip Island Circuit .

Michael Clemente ( VSCRC Round 4)

VATtrack Media is the offical media team at this event, which extends from Friday to Sunday.  Our large team is set to provide a range of media services, including hosted miniature live broadcasts, highlight videos, photography sessions and full race videos. 

Due to a large amount of drivers taking part in the event , VATtrack would like to extend some media bundles at discounted prices for those wanting some extra coverage on social media, during and post weekend.

The bundles are wonderful advertising opportunities and come in a range of sizes to suit any need. Take a look at some of our early bird offers ( more bundles to come )

PHOTOGRAPHY BUNDLE: The Photography Bundle is a great way remember your memories from the Excel Nationals on and off the track.

  • 15 Digital Photos (Personal Facebook Album)

   📷 $150 (Personal Facebook Album)

   📷 $210 (Plus A3 Printed Frame)


STARTER BUNDLE: The Starter Bundle is optimal for a personal coverage of one’s time at the Nationals. It provides more images aside from the generic album. It showcases sponsors during one’s own personal reveal video.

  • 10 Digital Photos (Personal Facebook Album. Does not include a free print)

  • 1-minute Car Reveal / Livery/ Team Video (Your Choice) Example:

   📷 $400 (Video and Photo Bundle)

   📷 $500 ( Add an extra 15 images for $100)

VALUE BUNDLE: The Value Bundle is recommended for extra personal coverage of anindividual’s time at the Nationals. Starting at $650.00, a driver obtains a spotlight mini documentary featuring an interview, a car reveal and footage of personal weekend highlights. For an extra $200.00, a driver receives 30 personal digital images, with a framed printed image of choice, in addition to the generic album.

•30 Digital Photos (Personal Facebook Album) •Single 8x10 Printed Framed Image •2-3-minute spotlight video production of driver and car

📷 $650 (Just video)

📷 $850 (Photo Inclusion + Print)

VATPACK BUNDLE: The VATpack Bundle is ideal for full coverage of an individual’s time

at the event. For $1,250.00, three videos are produced, directed and edited. Included is a one- minute social media video. The number of digital photos increases to 40, with a printed framed image of choice for an extra $200.00.

  • 40 Digital Photos (Extra On-Track Images. Marketing Picture Included)

  • X1-A1-Printed Framed Image

  • 1-minute Car Reveal / Livery/ Team Video (Your Choice)

  • 2-3-minute spotlight video production of driver and car (Car reveal, interview, sponsor shout out)

  • Optimised Social Media Video (Instagram, Facebook, Website)

📷 WAS $1,430 (Video Media) NEW PRICE : $1,250

📷 $1,450 (Full Package)

Excel Racing Australia ( VSCRC Round 4 2018)

VATtrack worked with the Excel Category in September 2017. In 2018, our team partnered with  David Burn (Excel Racing Australia) and recently,  with Circuit Excel S.A. for their Ryan Pannowitch Memorial Trophy Event. VATtrack is excited to be involved in the future of Excel Racing, as it evolves.

Thank you to David Burn for involving us in the series. We further thank all the sponsors who were able to support us for the Excel Nationals. We look forward to promoting all of you. 

- VATtrack Media 

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